Core Values



             Partnership to all works with mutual benefits for staff, customers, shareholders and suppliers.

             Professional standard of works, with systematic assessment, teamwork, communication and continuous coordination.


              Responsibility to oneself, ones-organization and ones-society


              Innovative concepts from initiatives & creativities with new work methodology, for the enhanced performance.


              Development with continuing progression.


              Ethical, moral and accountable


As a forward-thinking business entity, Teo Hong Silom Co.,Ltd. And its group of subsidiary and joint ventures offer the highest
quality products and service possible, We recognize that the modern business world is rapidly changing and we regard innovation
as being critical to the success of our core businesses. We continue to create opportunities for our most important asset, our
staff, because we believe that an empowered workforce will help our businesses grow and maintain our drive towards excellence
in customer service. We remain committed to practicing and promotion responsible and transparent corporate governance. By
adhering to our principles, we fulfill our vision of forging-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our business partner and


THS operates quality management system, ISO 9001:2000 standard, in order to ensure customers our continued commitment to
conduct our businesses in a thoroughly professional and consistent manner.

Providing products and services to meet all the requirements of customers and regulatory body at all times and at appropriate cost
through the principle of THS Core Value “PRIDE”


THS regards good standards of safety and health as an indispensable part of a successful business. It is of the utmost importance
to us that we care for the safety, health and well-being of our employees, subcontractors and others affected by our business
activities. Our Health and Safety policy is complied with the requirements of all regulations and statutory provisions governing
Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare.

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